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Sustainably Sexy: The High Eco-Fashion of Agnes Szepligeti of Luxuria



Eco-friendly and high fashion do not usually go together. Eco-friendly and sexy rarely go together, unless the woman is completely nude, and few are considered sexy nude.

It is often the clothes, however much or little that is worn, and how they are worn that defines sexy. There is also the internal vibe that extends outward to others that makes a person’s sex appeal shine through.

Then there is Agnes Szepligeti of Luxuria, a Hungarian designer who is turning that all on its head with her eco-friendly, high-fashion designs. Szepligeti showcased her amazingly sexy designs at the Shlepp Entertainment G Salvatore Fashion Showcase in Wales. She completely blew the audience away with her unique and revealing creations.

Szepligeti is a Hungarian couture designer based in London. Her family heritage has helped shape her love of fashion with generations of craftsmanship passed down and taught to her since she was a child. Her stunning pieces show off her passion. Decades of craftsmanship and design are in every detail of her work, as she strives to maintain the history of her family and making the finest clothes.

The name of her company comes from the Latin word “Luxuria,” which means the “vice of lust,” one of the seven deadly sins. Her designs do bring lust to the forefront as they are able to make a woman look beautiful in an elegant way.

Szepligeti designs and creates unique, eco-friendly, handmade couture dresses with the finest materials, upon special request, with innovative, couture tailoring.

A strong point in her design is the sustainable approach to the applied materials and the techniques used in the production process. Szepligeti believes in a circular economy and in the importance of educating people about sustainable fashion. All of her patterns are designed with a strong eco-conscious vision. She uses various zero-waste, up-cycling, and reconstructing techniques to create her dresses.

SzepligetiChinese opera star, Jane Maria, wore one of Szepligeti’s designs for her performance at the Shlepp Entertainment G Salvatore Fashion Showcase in Wales. Maria performed along with Stephan Dante, Tubsy Dholki Walla, and legendary Reggae star Toyin Adekale. Maria fell in love with Szepligeti’s designs and changed out of her own dress at the last minute to wear a dress designed by Agnes Szepligeti.

The designer was asked how she came to be at the Shlepp Entertainment G Slavatore Fashion Showcase in Wales and what she hoped for in the future of her fashion designs?

I was introduced to Stevie Eagle E by someone who had been working with him. They told me that there was this guy doing some interesting shows with fashion and entertainment and that it was getting a lot of attention and that I should talk to him. So, we met up in London and I showed him some of my clothes and he just said, ‘Right, you are definitely doing my next show!’

That was it really, we hit if off from the very start and he loved my clothes. He told me, ‘The world needs to see what you are doing, and I am going to help you get it out there. So, when the showcase in Wales came up, he just contacted me and said get ready, and the rest is history.

I want to say thank you to Gianni Salvatore for supporting me and allowing me to show my fashion at his event.

As for my hopes for the future: I want to keep making great clothes and honor the tradition of my family. I am passionate about making my clothes eco-friendly. Caring is not just a question of money, it is about paying attention to the little details, taking that extra bit of time to source the right materials and check on the way they are manufactured, distributed, and produced. Right now, I am based in London and I am going to be in a Pop-Up Shop in Kings Road and building my brand name here.

I have had my fashions at London Fashion Week and other great fashion events around the world, as well as the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase and it’s a process you have to go through. You have to keep getting your fashions in front of people. Working with Stevie Eagle E though is definitely a unique experience, as he does things in a completely different way from anyone else, but it works.

Confidence is the key to the designs of Szepligeti. A woman must have confidence in herself to wear her elegantly revealing designs. Fashioned around the female physique, these dresses are not for “blending in” but for standing out and shouting, “I am a woman and I am proud of it!”

What makes these designs all the more compelling is the way this is done while keeping the dignity and elegance of a woman. There is nothing tacky or degrading about Luxuria, and the fashions are highly sexy and feminine with style and grace.

By Jeanette Smith

Images Courtesy of Shlepp Entertainment – Used With Permission


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