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The strong acting, realistic, captivating, and heartwarming movie Sprinter tells the story of Akeem Sharp who is portrayed by Dale Elliott, Elliot is set to be Jamaica’s next big track-and-field inspiring sensation. In the storyline, Akeem hopes to rise in the track and field competitive world which will take him to the U.S to essentially reunite him with his mother. Akeem’s mother essentially is an illegal resident who has supported her family for over a decade. But Akeem a rising star is weighed down by the turmoil he faces at home: a volatile of a father, and an unruly older brother who insinuates himself into Akeem’s career as a means of escaping or enhancing his scam of a side hustle. Not only does Akeem have to prove to himself and everyone around him that he can succeed, but also overcome the struggles that may ultimately bring him down showing young teens to pursue their dreams no matter what.

The storyline pulls you in as you watch the characters run for the sport they love. The movie succeeds on every level and its broadest themes of loyalty and faith are tested to the limit by the different circumstances of the life of a teenage track star. The directing matches the focused mind of a teenage track star. The story is shaped by creative intelligence and is supported by strongly supported acting to tell a beautiful story. This film should inspire athletes, Akeem struggles with concentration couple days before a make-or-break race and the stakes for Akeem are high, and other talented kids put everything they have out on that field. Despite Akeem’s efforts to maintain focus, turmoil at home threatens to spiral his career out of control. His mom is available to chat over Skype frequently, and Dad is physically lashing out at him all the time. Germaine his brother takes advantage of his trust.
He gives Akeem bad advice to go professional instead of staying in school and shows him a horrible and seductive side of getting rich quick, including nightly parties at big homes filled with girls and flashy cars. He also sabotages Akeem’s future by not mailing school transfer paperwork.The character-driven action is defnit;y showcased throughout the movie primarily seen by the protagonist’s. In this movie you see more than just a storyline between characters you also see culture through music, vibrant use of color, and food. Captivating colors of neon of the dance clubs not to mention the strong Jamaican accents and culture you see Fromm eery individual in the film, or the comforting, peppy blue accents in the Los Angeles stadium. Couple this imagery with a Jamaican dancehall soundtrack which gives the picture a outstanding energy. Indivuduals said the movie can be described as riveting, touching and relatable to Jamaican families and the culture that follows not to mention the setting in Jamaica is exquisitely realized.

Written by Nadia Amoah


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