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Master Singer Jane Maria Set to Launch in the UK in 2018

Breaking into the U.K. music industry from another country is a difficult task. Although some have come close, there has not been an Asian...

Sustainably Sexy: The High Eco-Fashion of Agnes Szepligeti of Luxuria

Eco-friendly and high fashion do not usually go together. Eco-friendly and sexy rarely go together, unless the woman is completely nude, and few are...
G Salvatore

G Salvatore Puts the Heart Into Fashion

Most who catch a glimpse of Gianni Salvatore’s new collection react in awe. G Salvatore fashions make people feel good. In an age when...
G Salvatore

Presenting the Second G Salvatore Fashion Showcase on April 20 [Video]

Master singers will meet Reggae royalty at the G Salvatore Fashion Showcase in Wales. Reggae star Toyin Adekale will be part of an impressive line-up...
real mma

Real MMA Broadcast on ACTV Daily

Finally, the wait is over! No need to miss one moment of Real MMA brought to you by Real Water. You can now watch...
men's fashion

Men’s Fashion Basics Designed for Shopping Savvy and ‘Shark Tank’ [Interview]

Men's fashion has taken a turn to make everyday basics designer must-haves recognized by savvy shoppers and ABC's "Shark Tank." Underwear and socks are...

Navy Women Gain New Fashion Say and Acceptance

The U.S. Navy has been stepping up its game, in its attempt to give females an equal footing with their male counterparts, when it...
G Salvatore

Shlepp Entertainment Presents the Second G Salvatore Fashion Showcase Event

Stevie Eagle E of Shlepp Entertainment, along with B.Ispired Magazine, and G Salvatore Fashion will be presenting the second G Salvatore Fashion Showcase event....

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